Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why Capitalism Is Murder.....

The past couple of days have seen at least three examples of why the capitalist system will lead to our undoing.

1) Evidence has emerged that the Monsanto chemical company paid contractors to dump thousands of tonnes of highly toxic waste in British landfill sites, knowing that their chemicals were liable to contaminate wildlife and people. Yesterday the Environment Agency said it had launched an inquiry after the chemicals were found to be polluting underground water supplies and the atmosphere 30 years after they were dumped. (From The Guardian)

2) Confectionery giant Cadbury is set to be prosecuted under environmental health laws over last year's food scare involving chocolate contaminated with salmonella, the Guardian has learned.

The company is expected to face charges of producing food unfit for human consumption. It is also likely to be prosecuted under European laws, accused of failing to tell the authorities in good time about the extent of the problem. (From The Guardian)

3) The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was last night investigating claims that poultry meat from the contaminated Bernard Matthews site in Suffolk had been exported to Hungary after the outbreak of bird flu was identified. Six trucks of poultry products from the Suffolk farm arrived in Hungary on Thursday, according to the country's deputy chief vet, Lajos Bognar, despite the imposition of rigid quarantine rules following the H5N1 outbreak 10 days ago. (Also from The Guardian)

Putting humans and animals at risk by dumping toxic chemicals, 'producing food unfit for human consumption' and risking the spread of H5N1? The capitalist system will be our ultimate downfall. No wonder the corporation is certified as a psychopath.