Friday, February 16, 2007

US Government Releases Charges Against Hicks

The timing of this is key. Dick Cheney is due to visit Australia next week and, given the controversy surrounding Hicks' imprisonment, the release of these details is an attempt to head off any major criticism. The charges certainly make for interesting reading, Hicks is accused of taking part in a training programme by Al Qaida which included:

1) learning about covert photography
2) the use of dead drops, and
3) wearing disguises.

Wearing disguises. So now the act of wearing a disguise is worthy of a spell at Guantanamo? The charges are hardly an indication of a dangerous terrorist that should be locked up for good. Learning about photography? Passing messages? Wearing a fake beard? The US administration has truly lost it.

Meanwhile, Hicks continues to suffer at the hands of an establishment that defies all international norms. There is still no end in sight for his ordeal, and his mental condition is rapidly deteriorating. It is time that the American government sent David Hicks back home and put an end to this disgraceful travesty of justice.