Monday, February 26, 2007

US Backing For Dictator's Nuclear Ambitions

While the US continues to lambast Iran for it's nuclear power aspirations, it has been less critical of Egypt's intentions to develop nuclear energy. In fact, it is eager to develop a partnership with the regime in Egypt. According to Haaretz:

Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Robert Joseph last month visited Cairo and told media that the U.S. is interested in taking part in the Egyptian nuclear program. He said the U.S. had consulted with Egypt about working together on nuclear energy projects.

Once you stop laughing at the Secretary's title (Arms Control??!!), compare and contrast this with the US attitude to Iran (also a signatory to the NPT). So, whilst the US continues to attack an Iranian leader that has been held accountable in elections in Iran (elections where he received a massive defeat), it seeks to work with a dictator on developing 'nuclear energy projects'. Has the US learnt nothing from it's association with dictators?