Saturday, February 17, 2007

Is Hicks On His Way Home?

Encouraging signs from Australia over David Hicks (taken from The Age):

Hicks 'coming home'

JOHN Howard is bowing to mounting pressure over the David Hicks debacle and is working to bring him home before this year's federal election, highly placed sources have revealed to The Sunday Age.

Attention on the Hicks case will intensify with the arrival of US Vice-President Dick Cheney on Thursday, and Prime Minister Howard is being pressed to defuse the issue.

With anger over the handling of the Hicks case growing across the community and within the ranks of the Coalition, a senior Howard Government adviser has revealed that the Prime Minister "wants this issue off the agenda before the election campaign starts".

"That means we bring him home. It is highly likely that David Hicks will be back in Australia before October and right now we are working out the politics of how we do that," the adviser told The Sunday Age.