Monday, January 08, 2007

Transporting Palestinians in Israeli Vehicles Forbidden by IDF

Back in November 2006 the commander of IDF forces in the West Bank, Major-General Yair Naveh, issued an order prohibiting Israelis and tourists from using their vehicles to transport Palestinians in the West Bank without a permit. This order is to take effect as of 19th January.

This order exacerbates the already dire conditions faced by Palestinians who wish to travel on major roads in the West Bank. Up until the order, Palestinians have been able to travel in taxis or other vehicles displaying Israeli plates. This will no longer be permitted. Transporting family members will also become increasingly difficult. Family members will no longer be able to drive relatives into the West Bank unless they have the permit. There are also many implications for human rights groups who need to transport Palestinians in and out of the West Bank.

Clearly the order is a gross violation of the right to free movement and is another step on the road to racist state that refuses to acknowledge equal rights. B'Tselem have called on the IDF to repeal the order as soon as possible. There is no justification for this policy and it's introduction will cause more misery for the Palestinian people.

Further information: B'Tselem's statement

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