Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Prosecution Attack Hicks' Defence Attorney

A quite frankly disturbing headline on the BBC a couple of days back:

Yes, the BBC appears to have bought the line that David Hicks is a 'threat' to the security of the Western world. Despite the lack of evidence against him (see my updated post on Hicks), the BBC are happy to parrot the lines of the US prosecutor. In an unprecedented attack on Hicks' defence lawyer, Major Mori, Col Davis said:
"I hope the Australian people aren't so gullible as to step in everything that Major Mori has been spreading. And if they do step in it, they need to wipe their feet before they go into the house, because we contend a lot of the evidence has been half truths."
Of course, you know the case is weak when the prosecuting attorney attacks the defence, but this is a disgraceful slur on the work that Major Mori has been carrying out on Hicks' behalf. The real beauty of this kind of piece is the way it distracts the public from the real issue at hand, the fairness of the trials at Guantanamo. There is no doubt that these trials are deeply flawed, to say the least. By talking up the threat once more, the US prosecutors are doing their bit to distract the public from the illegal nature of their containment. Unfortunately, the media seems all too willing to participate.