Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pots and Kettles

As the media faces increasing competition from alternative news sources, so they will become ever more aggressive towards their competitors. We have seen this in the US, with the growth of the highly aggressive Fox Network. This has been coming for sometime in the UK. The signs are there for all to see. The accusations of a left-wing media bias, has started to become the norm amongst the reactionary right. The latest indicator comes from Paul Dacre, a notorious filth merchant who works for a paper that was very keen on the Nazi party. He has openly declared that:

"The BBC, which glories in being open-minded is, in fact, a closed thought-system, operating a kind of Orwellian newspeak."

Not like the Daily Mail who are, of course, entirely honest in their reporting. No to mention the fact that they are guilty of over 900 transactions involving the purchase and sale of personal and private information. The same newspaper that allows columnists to come out with things like this:

And I know this might sound frightfully callous in the current hysterical, emotional climate, but we're not all guilty.

We do not share in the responsibility for either their grubby little existences or their murders. Society isn't to blame.

It might not be fashionable, or even acceptable in some quarters, to say so, but in their chosen field of "work'=", death by strangulation is an occupational hazard.

That doesn't make it justifiable homicide, but in the scheme of things the deaths of these five women is no great loss.

A newspaper that also allows columnists to make unfounded accusations like this:

Muslims wrecked a house in a village near Windsor to stop four soldiers moving in after returning from duty in Afghanistan. The house had bricks thrown through its windows and was daubed with abusive messages. The four young Household Cavalry officers who had planned to rent it were also the target of phone threats from Muslims and were forced to look elsewhere to live.

If Mr Dacre wants to criticise the standard of the media, perhaps he should take a good, long look at the utter garbage that he publishes.