Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Scum Digs for Dirt

Not content with jeopardising a criminal investigation by splashing pictures of the man who was arrested in connection with the murders in Suffolk, The Sun's up to it's old tricks again. After holding my nose and entering The Sun's website, I read the following article:

Pretty average stuff really, police have made a second arrest, they're not releasing his name etc etc. Then you reach the end of the article and you notice the lines circled above:

The Sun is already touting for all the dirt they can possibly get on the man at the centre of this second arrest, regardless of his guilt. As always, The Sun takes it upon itself to try and convict a man without access to all the facts. What makes it even more worrying, is that if any of the people are guilty of this crime, The Sun is putting the case in very real jeopardy by continually pumping out a frenzy of hysterical headlines. What chance a fair trial when The Sun continues it's barrage of prejudicial nonsense?