Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Right-Wing Conspiracy Undermined

Yep, the Iraq Study Group has reported it's findings and what do we discover, that Iraq really is as bad as we have all been saying. I say 'we', I mean those on the left who have been prepared to see through this ridiculous right-wing agenda. One of the most entertaining diversions for me over the past few months, has been the claims by those on the right that some elements of the media (ie the BBC), have been exaggerating the extent of the disaster in Iraq. Nowhere is this more apparent, than at USS Neverdock. Do a search on 'Iraq' and 'BBC', and what do you find?? 221 posts all dismissing the BBC's reporting as mere bias. Yes, according to the archetypal nut house, things haven't really been that bad. Here are a few choice examples:

Iraq Will Take Legal Action Against Bogus Journalists

About time. It's about time the UK took action against the BBC for lying in their coverage of Iraq and a whole host of other lies.

Iraq - AP busted for using fake sources

The Washington Post joins in the false reporting from Iraq.It's clear to see whose side the media is on in this war.

US - BBC bias gathering more attention

The BBC admits it lies in its reporting in Iraq but that doesn't stop them.

UK - Basra troops 'on another planet'

That's because none of that left wing bable put out by the left wing media resembles the truth - the truth they see everyday. The BBC's coverage of Iraq is so bad the crew of Arc Royal switched to Sky News. It wasn't just bias, it was lies by the BBC that put them off.

'Iraq al-Qaeda' makes call of desperation

Here's the question. If we're losing in Iraq, as the left wing media, including the BBC, says, why the need for such a call? Why the need to kidnap people to negotiate? If you're winning there'd be no need for this, right? Why the call for WMD attacks unless you're losing the conventional war?This tape, along with a recently captured al Qaeda letter, proves they are losing. The letter is a catalogue by Zawahiri of Zarqawi's failures in Iraq. This latest tape by al-Muhajir proves he is not up to the job either.

Maybe this onslaught of 'left-wing propaganda' has turned Baker into a leftie. Either that, or this really is the mess that some of us have been saying it is for years. To be fair, they have tried their best to put a positive spin on the situation in Iraq, but facts have a habit of unspinning the most ambitious of rhetoric.