Friday, November 10, 2006

Phillips Justifies Israeli Actions AGAIN

Another day, another absurd defence of the Israeli government's ongoing murder of civilians. Once again on her site she shows a blatant disregard to the lives of those killed in the recent attack in Gaza. She supports the statements of the Israeli government, which amounted to nothing more than a brief expression of 'regret' (not an apology). Phillips writes:

The deaths of the 19 Palestinian civilians – mostly women and children – in Beit Hanoun was the kind of tragic foul-up that occurs in war.......But Israel was only firing at Beit Hanoun because of the missiles being relentlessly fired from there at Israeli civilians, which as this story points out is taking a toll on the Israelis who are living under perpetual siege from missile attacks.

No real sense of disgust at the people who have died, it's just a 'foul-up' and it's excusable because rockets are fired into Israel. It is not excusable and to describe it as a 'foul-up' is offensive beyond belief. I cannot understand why Phillips continually treats Palestinian deaths in such a casual manner. Her rather liberal use of the facts is further exemplified when she claims that:

'But these missile attacks upon Israel are not reported in Britain. The effect upon the Israelis is not reported in Britain.'

The usual tactic by many on the right seeking to justify the continual mass murder of the Palestinians - the media refuses to acknowledge Israeli suffering. Of course, this is patently absurd. The BBC website carried the story about the rockets being fired from Gaza headlined:

The article went on to report that: 'Suspected Palestinian militants from northern Gaza have launched at least four rockets into the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon, the army says.'

And as for the effect upon Israelis not being reported, how about this article on the BBC. The article looks at how the rocket attacks have affected the Israeli population. For example:

Pointing at the shallow crater in the school car park, principal Timora Shiri says her city, Ashkelon, has become the new frontline for Palestinian rocket attacks. Ms Shiri says rocket attacks are part of Israeli life. "I'm not scared because we are facing terror attacks here and round the world," she says.

Then there is an Aron Abrahamovitz: As he packs his bag, Mr Abrahamovitz says things are still good in Ashkelon and there is no need to worry.

"This is not Sderot," he says, "but we hope it doesn't get worse."

Like Mr Abrahamovitz, many of the residents of this city are not surprised a Palestinian rocket hit their city.

And estate agent Victor Max: Victor Max, 56, an estate agent sitting on the beach with his wife and their six-month-old son, says he expects another rocket attack. Like many Israelis, Mr Max believes there is only one solution for tackling the Palestinian rocket attacks.

"The army has to go in and take out the terrorists and destroy all the places where they are firing the rockets from," he says.

Doesn't look like the 'missile attacks upon Israel are not reported in Britain', does it?? But then facts are never likely to get in the way of Phillips' articles. One day Phillips will condemn the murder of civilians in Gaza, until that day she will continue to exist in her own bizarre fantasy world where murder is nothing more than an unfortunate 'foul-up'.