Monday, November 20, 2006

Israel Admits Using Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

Remember this by our beloved Melanie Phillips:

But those who make such objectionable claims about Israel's behaviour are, alas, quite impervious to the application of reason. Sections of the media have constructed an utterly diabolical story about Israel which mere facts can never shake.

And then there is her gleeful quote from an IDF captain:

This was perhaps both the most cynical and barbaric disregard for innocent civilian lives of all of Hezbollah's and Iran's strategic choices.

Or how about this:

the willingess to report Hezbollah propaganda as the truth while disparaging Israeli statements as lies.

Apparently, the Western media reported Israeli statements as lies. Apparently, Hezbollah had shown a blatant disregard for the lives of innocent people. Apparently, a diabolical story has been constructed about the Israeli government. So it is interesting to discover that not only did they give misleading statements during the war, they also showed a blatant disregard for the lives of innocent people.

Haaretz has reported today that the IDF has confirmed it targeted populated areas with cluster munitions. This is in complete contradiction to the statements going out during the war that Phillips holds as truth. According to one version during the war, the firing of cluster munitions was done:

"only by methods and means permitted by international law."
That position has now changed. Haaretz reports that:
The upper echelons of the IDF ordered the use of cluster munitions during the war in Lebanon and authorized every target north of the Litani River, including those in densely populated areas, a commander in the IDF's Multiple Launch Rocket System unit said Monday.
So, Phillips, who is diabolical, cynical, barbaric and producing statements littered with lies? Still, the damage has been done and now Phillips can sleep safe at night knowing that she has defended the cause of an army willing to target densely populated areas with cluster munitions.