Monday, November 13, 2006

Israel Accused of Execution

B'Tselem have accused the Israeli Defence Force of executing two men on November 8th. According to the Israeli human rights organisation, the men were:

"executed by soldiers as they lay wounded on the ground, unarmed and without giving any indication of danger toward the soldiers."

As a result of their report, they have also petitioned the military prosecution to open a criminal investigation of the event.

Of course, the IDF denies that they executed the two men. Instead, they accuse the two men of being terrorists and claim that they followed the usual procedures. According to an IDF source:

"The soldiers recognized that gunmen had entered the house. An officer asked the family members if anyone was in the house, and was told no. He explained that he would enter with fire and they insisted that the house was empty.

"The forces enter and recognize figures lying hidden under a blanket, open fire and continue to comb the house. This is the procedure for a house we know is occupied by militants. In a case like this, it is necessary to shoot first."

Once again the Israeli government is accused of war crimes, and once again the western media is rather quiet. How anyone could defend the execution of two Palestinians is beyond comprehension. However, one can be sure that those who continually seek to justify state murder will find some explanation for this disgraceful act.

Further information: B'Tselem's report, IDF spokesperson's statement and Haaretz