Thursday, October 19, 2006

UK Refuses to Join Call to Ban Cluster Bombs

Once again the priorities of the UK government are exposed to the world community. The government has chosen to ignore the calls for a worldwide ban on cluster bombs (alongside Russia, America and China). This despite the devastating impact that they have had on civilians in Lebanon. The UN has claimed that there are around 1 million bomblets unexploded in the country posing a daily threat to the lives of civilians. Latest figures claim that 20 people have died as a direct result of unexploded bomblets, and 115 have been injured. Of these, children account for 4 deaths and 40 injuries. There is no moral justification for allowing the use of these weapons and they should be banned as soon as possible and their usage made a war crime. Once again, we see the moral degradation of our elected representatives who will do anything to protect the actions of our 'allies'.