Saturday, October 07, 2006

Philips at it Again

Yes, Melanie Philips has once again failed to delve a little deeper in her research (presuming she does any) before talking utter shite. Melanie claims in her on-line diary (which has no facility for comments - which is probably a wise move) the following:

Yet another wheel comes off the global warming bus and this time it could be a big one.

Wow, this sounds major, I wonder what evidence she has found? It must be from a pretty reliable source otherwise why would a 'journalist' be so eager to big this one up?? Oh, hang on a minute, the source is a Dr Philip Stott. The very same Dr Stott who has done a lot of work for the Scientific Alliance, who are known for links to Exxon. Exxon, in turn, are renowned for funding climate change deniers, thus undermining the thrust of Dr Stott's argument. Of course, Philips doesn't comment on this, she simply copies and pastes his statement with no analysis whatsoever. The only wheel that has come off is the one that holds her tenuous argument together.