Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Olmert Threatens Iran

Despite the disastrous attack on the people of Lebanon and the serious repercussions it had for his leadership, Olmert is still content to throw his weight around on the world stage. During a visit by President Putin, Olmert gave a press conference in which he told reporters:

'The Iranians need to be afraid that something will happen that they do not want to happen to them.'

The statement comes as the Israeli government is increasingly concerned about Iran's nuclear programme, particularly as the balance of power in the region would shift away from America's client state. The Russians, however, do not share Olmert's concerns. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed that any action must be in proportion to the reality in Iran. Lavrov claimed that:

'It is necessary to act on Iran but that action should be in direct proportion to what is really happening. And what is really happening is what the IAEA reports to us. And the IAEA is not reporting to us about the presence there of a threat to peace and security.'

It is important to remember the reality over the coming weeks and months. The only reason that the western powers are intent on punishing Iran for their aspirations is that they fear that the balance of power will swing out of their favour. To lose influence in the region, in the midst of an energy crisis, would be a disaster for America and her client states. They know only too well that a resurgent Iran (who have been gaining influence, particularly after the war with Lebanon) could spend the end for western influence in the region as many in the Middle East will look to Iran as their saviour. And at that point, the west must be prepared for a crippling energy crisis that could threaten to destabilise the western economies.