Monday, October 09, 2006

Israeli Doctors Implicated in Euthanasia?

Four doctors have been arrested in Israel accused of illegally experimenting on elderly patients. According to Haaretz, twelve patients died in one experiment that went unreported to the Health Ministry, a legal requirement. Shockingly, the investigation also revealed that:

'....some of the patients were included in the experiments without providing their consent, while some of them suffered from severe mental damage, which prevented them from being legally capable of providing consent.'

Furthermore, the report also revealed that the men received promotions and were named as experts in geriatrics at the hospitals based on these illegal tests.

The tests themselves were questionable in scientific value as they did not produce results that would be beneficial in any way. Bearing in mind the circumstances of such experiments, being conducted on mentally ill patients and the elderly, it is obvious that the doctors believed that the lives of those that they were experimenting on were expendable. They were no longer human beings that required care, they were objects to conduct questionable scientific tests on. The fact that doctors are prepared to treat mentally ill patients in this way is truly disturbing.