Monday, October 09, 2006

The Consequence of Folly

Only now to we get a real sense of the folly behind Bush's invasion of Iraq. Although keen to portray the invasion as making the world a safer place, the situation in North Korea has proved that this is nothing more than fantasy talk. While we have been distracted in Iraq, the real threat to the world has been arming itself in preparation for a conflict. Once again, we see the gross folly of attacking Iraq (no WMDs) instead of dealing with the more pressing concerns of North Korea.

Of course, one of the major factors in this determination to develop nuclear weapons, was the invasion itself. Ever since the 'axis of evil' speech (probably the most ill advised speech in history), all three nations (Iran, Iraq and North Korea) have known exactly where they stood with America. After the invasion of Iraq, it became pretty obvious that they needed to develop weapons that would act as a deterrent to any military force (after all, the US has never invaded a nuclear armed country). Can anyone really blame the North Koreans for developing such weaponry? If the UK was threatened with invasion, I would want to know that the government was doing all it could to prevent that from happening.

The fact is that the invasion of Iraq has made the Middle East a more unstable place. The intelligence agencies in the US have previously declared that:

And this statement by the North Korean dictatorship only serves to underline how dangerous the world is becoming. Perhaps we will never fully understand the ramifications of the threatening speech that Bush made and the damage that was done to America's diplomatic influence.