Monday, October 16, 2006

'The Condition of the Woman is Getting Worse in Iraq'

According to Houzan Mahmoud who is a leading figure in the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq. Mahmoud is a co-founder of the Iraq Freedom Congress, a group which offers an alternative to the occupation, against the resistance and against the 'political Islamism of the puppet government.' She goes on to claim that US troops do not protect them, but:

'They simply destroyed the infrastructures of the country, rape women in prisons and stay in barracks or travel around in huge military convoys, terrified of the attacks of the Resistance which take place all day, every day.'

She even claims that 'we were better off under Saddam'. Under the current conditions, Mahmoud claims that a woman cannot walk around without a veil, otherwise she can be summarily beheaded by the resistance. Seems to me that the very people Bu$h/Blair claimed we were there to help, are suffering as a result of this gross breach of international law. Even Zeyad at Healing Iraq has now officially denounced the invasion claiming that: 'The guilt is too much for me to handle'. But what do Bu$h/Blair care? They were only in it for the oil after all.

Further information: The Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI)