Friday, September 15, 2006

Yet More Conspiracy Theories on the Right

There seems to be an obsession on the right with far-fetched conspiracy theories. The latest example comes from Spain. One right-wing newspaper, El Mundo, has recently published a series of interviews with a petty criminal who alleges that the bombings were part of a socialist conspiracy to discredit the government. His allegations suggest that the bombings were not carried out by Islamic terrorists, but by a socialist party desperate for power.

Members of the People's Party have also thrown accusations around about the bombings and the investigations, claiming that evidence had been falsified or hidden. While some members of the PP have called on the party to focus on policies rather than wild conspiracy theories, Rajoy still wants a full investigation into events.

There is no doubt that where once conspiracy theories were the preserve of a few extremists, they are moving ever closer into the mainstream. The right-wing have been at the centre of this surge in popularity over the past few years. They seem to be willing to believe anything other than the truth, speculating on highly unlikely theories upon which they can support their own twisted world view. We saw this with the ambulance story, repeated ad nauseum on many right-wing sites. And yet, little or no attention was paid to the actual evidence presented to them. No comments were made on the discrepancies in the 'evidence'. Instead, they ran with it. Repeating it again and again as an absolute truth, refusing to give the evidence any real scrutiny. After all, why should they? It supports their own twisted morality. It seems that the right will indulge in anything to cling onto power and deceive the people.