Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why the UN is Powerless

Discovered this interesting site through Straight to the Point. It shows quite clearly why the United Nations has become so ineffectual in recent years. The website details all of the times the US government has used the veto since 1972. Interestingly, during the Clinton administration, the veto was used three times. Yes, that's three times. How many times do you think Bush has used the veto?? Twelve times. Is it any wonder that the UN is unable to go about its business? Of course, the Bush administration has always made it clear that it treats the UN with contempt, and with its continual abuse of the veto it is obvious how far they are prepared to go to damage it. Below is a selection of some of the resolutions the US has vetoed since 1972, with the voting figures in brackets (for-against):

  1. Calls for the cessation of further foreign investments and loans for South Africa. (134-1)
  2. Protects against products harmful to health and the environment. (146-1)
  3. Afirms the right of every state to choose its economic and social system in accord with the will of its people, without outside interference in whatever form it takes. (131-1)
  4. On the elimination of racial discrimination. (145-1)
  5. Protection against products harmful to health and the environment. (146-1)
  6. Production and processing of weapon-usable material should be under international control. (179-2)
  7. To end the USA's 40 year embargo of Cuba. (179-3)

It is well worth checking out some of the other resolutions vetoed by the US government.