Monday, May 01, 2006

'I've Tasted......A Life Wasted'

It has arrived at long last, the new Pearl Jam album and it doesn't disappoint. It might just be their best album for a while (but at this moment time Yield and Vs just edge it). I have read some rather disappointing reviews in some of the English press. Having said that, if a band doesn't sing about punch-ups, booze, sex and drugs then the UK media doesn't want to know. They certainly do not appreciate a band that doesn't 'play the game' or even, perish the thought, show emotion. It's not very English now is it?? Stiff upper lip and all that!! Anyway, they suck and this doesn't end of.........Here's my guide to the best album of 2006 so far........

  1. Life Wasted (Vedder/Gossard) - If you have checked out my earlier link you should know all about this one. A great opener that has Mike on top form with a superb solo closing the song 10/10
  2. World Wide Suicide (Vedder) - Again you have probably all heard this, a really catchy song which, combined with Life Wasted, makes probably the best opening partnership since Vitalogy 10/10
  3. Comatose (Vedder/McCready/Gossard) - Has a kinda Do The Evolution feel to it...bit of a punkier effort 8/10
  4. Severed Hand (Vedder) - Has a backwards guitar opening to this one, before breaking into a very 70s style riff. The opening four songs combine to form a powerful, sustained assault upon the ears. 8/10
  5. Marker in the Sand (Vedder/McCready) - An early favourite of mine. A gentler track after the earlier rockier opening, it's Pearl Jam at their melodic best 9/10
  6. Parachutes (Vedder/Gossard) - The opening of this reminds me of something off of Stone's solo album, or Brad, which is no bad thing 8/10
  7. Unemployable (Vedder/Cameron/McCready) - One of Eddie's story-telling efforts. Another catchy effort that I can see being played repeatedly 9/10
  8. Big Wave (Vedder/Ament) - After a few mid-paced tracks it's back to fast-paced punk. It ends kinda making you wish it went on for longer.... 9/10
  9. Gone (Vedder) - A slower acoustic number that builds into a passionate ending....suppose it's a typical PJ song and another one that is bound to be a favourite 9/10
  10. Wasted Reprise (Vedder/Gossard) - Essentially the chorus of Life Wasted sung slowly to Boom's organ. One of their typical unusual album tracks.....7/10
  11. Army Reserve (Vedder/D Echols/Ament) - Another mid-paced track this has the unusual distinction of being the only album track they have ever done with a non-band member contributing.......8/10
  12. Come Back (Vedder/McCready) - Another beautiful slow-burner. Vedder's voice is on top form once again.......8/10
  13. Inside Job (McCready/McCready/Vedder) - Their now standard slow track to close the album. It clocks in at 7mins 8secs, the longest on the album. The guitar is again fantastic....perhaps their best album closer yet......10/10

This is easily the most accesible Pearl Jam album in many years. I cannot recommend this one enough. The artwork for the album is also of their usual high standard, with a beautiful booklet and a somewhat scary bloodied Vedder in the CD tray. You must buy this is without doubt their best since Yield and probably right up their with Yield and Vs for best PJ album. Welcome back PJ, we've missed you!!