Friday, May 12, 2006

Government Spin Report on July Bombings

The government have once again tried to spin the reality about the attacks in London last year. Both Hazel Blears (on Question Time) and John Reid have claimed that the attacks had nothing to do with the Iraq war. John Reid argues the case that Sidique Khan would have been more specific in blaming the Iraq war for his actions. Hazel Blears argued last night that the actions of these men had nothing to do with the Iraq war and it was a combination of many factors. The government is already trying to twist the argument on this one. Of course, there are many factors that caused these people to act in the way they did. The question one must ask is: 'Did the Iraq war increase the chances of this happening?' Of course it did. It is not the only reason for the bombings, but would this have happened if we had said no to the US and gone down the UN route?? Probably not.

The government is trying to twist the argument by focusing on the argument that the Iraq war alone directly caused these atrocities. It is hard to say that this one act prompted the bombers to take action. It is unlikely for there to be one single cause that prompted the bombers to carry out the atrocity. It is, however, quite feasible to say that the risk of a terrorist attack increased as a result of the illegal invasion of Iraq. A report by Chatham House and the Economic and Social Research Council and a further report by the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), both warned of an increase risk in terrorist attacks should the war with Iraq proceed. They were ignored, and the consequences have been very grave indeed.

Do not believe what the government claims is the reason for these attacks. There is no doubt that the war in Iraq increased the likelihood of an attack in the UK.