Thursday, April 06, 2006

Toupee, or not Toupee

Seems a little odd after the last piece, I know but there is a link (Saparmurat Niyazov doesn't allow the media to disclose the fact he wears a wig). I saw a man today with a first class syrup of figs. No, really....absolutely, top grade A1, work of beauty it was. Had that kind of dirty blonde look, you know like the wig has been heavily stained by cigarette smoke. A real beauty. Not only that, but it had a kind of bowl-cut look to it....making it:

  • obvious, and
  • incredibly out of fashion

My point is, I think wigs should make a comeback. Ditch this shaving hair routine, get a wig. Watch the women flock towards you and then run away from you when they run their hands through your nylonesque hair. The campaign starts here....BRING BACK SYRUPS. Mark my words, with fashion trends as they are, they should be fashionable again in ten years. God bless the syrup!