Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh Look, There Goes A Band Wagon

Now, as you should be aware by now, I am a massive PJ fan. As such, I would like my long term loyalty to be rewarded by the band exploding on the stage again and becoming MASSIVE. My only worry about this is the trendy types claiming that they have always been PJ fans. I have never been a fan of Colin and Edith on Radio 1. They have always struck me as those typical young, trendy DJ types who seem to like all the fashionable bands (coincidence). Well, it looks like at least 50% of the partnership knows little about music and is prepared to jump on the next band wagon. I cannot believe what I read today on the BBC website. Colin Murray claims he has always been a PJ fan (seems to have kept that quiet) and he reckons that 'Worldwide Suicide is the best album since Vitalogy probably'. This is just so wrong....Worldwide Suicide is a single you dunce, not the album, the album is called Pearl Jam any fan would know that! He then compounds this by stating that 'Eddie Vedder was never a pin-up'. Granted, he didn't want to be a pin-up, but rightly, or wrongly, he was for a whole generation of disaffected teens. Maybe I could let that go, because after all, he never wanted to be one. On the other hand, the following statement blew my mind:

'Chris Cornell is one of the ugliest ginger men of all time'

Cornell, the 'ginger' one on the right

What the fuck is this guy on??!! Chris Cornell ugly and ginger??? I mean, I don't go for guys but I would not call him ugly!! And ginger?? Yeah right, a ginger shade of black?? And this man reckons he knows about music?? What a joke!!!