Thursday, April 27, 2006

New England Football Manager

I know many people who read this blog aren't particularly interested in football.....but I am, so tough!! I cannot believe the shit I have heard today in response to the choice of England manager. One woman on the radio said it's 'political correctness gone mad' - shoot her, shoot her now (it's not PC, every English candidate was shit!!!). Ian Wright, Ian 'dickhead' Wright said, and I quote:

'I would rather the English team spent years in the wilderness with an English coach, than success with a foreign one.'

What the fuck is he talking about?? The man is an idiot. Still, at least he is patriotic, in a I want this country to be shit kinda way. And then I heard someone say the FA has screwed up because public opinion was against the appointment. And yet another person said that The Sun (the nationalist rag that slags foreigners off all the time) had run a poll and the majority were against the move. He added that a BBC poll wasn't very accurate (unlike one run by the anti-immigrant Sun of course!!) as it was conducted in the morning and the people who were likely to go to the World Cup, were unable to vote as they were at work (go figure). And then I read this poll:


Is Luiz Felipe Scolari the right choice as England manager?

Yes 64%
No 36%

90248 Votes Cast
(from BBC website @ 20.15pm)

Looks like public opinion is behind it to me!!!! Well apart from the right-wing twats of course (what a surprise!!!).