Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Wonder......

I wonder what people think of me when they read this site. I know there are a few people out there who kind of know me, but not very well and I wonder what they must think I am like away from work. I mean, my wife gets terribly bored with my political rants at home and when we are out. I tend to get on my high horse quite a lot when I am out with friends and acquaintances, they all seem to enjoy it. Weird thing is, I think I give off a laid-back vibe at work and I try not to show my true colours....they might find me boring too. Sure I go off on one every now and then, but I am quite restrained compared to when I am socialising. Neighbours and friends often suggest I should go into politics....screw that!!!!

I got thinking about this after reading a post by Wes at Smash the Machine. He was talking about why people write blogs. I suppose I do because I like to bang on about all the things I think are wrong in the world. I see my blog as a way for me to feel less guilty about the fact I don't do nearly enough. But then, I suppose just writing about what is happening and trying to make people more aware is helping, isn't it?? At least I am not apathetic, right? (Pathetic? Sure, but certainly not apathetic). I haven't got the balls to go out and throw bricks through McDonalds' windows (I only wish I did) so I sit here typing out my garbage to relieve the sense of inadequacy. Does it help??? Not really. I suppose my ego would like to think so. But perhaps I'm not doing enough. Maybe I should be more active. But then it's easy to sit here with a cup of tea and soothe my conscience. And, after all, don't we all wish for an easy way??