Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Christmas Dinner Pot Noodle

So far, I have had little response for my campaign to introduce Christmas Dinner Pot Noodle (well, one. But I don't think neath was being supportive - filthy heathen). Just think how simple it would be. Noodles, sage, sausages, turkey, gravy, can be done. No more slaving over a hot oven for hours on end, oh no. Simply pull back the foil lid (making sure as to inhale the potent mixture of said ingredients), boil the kettle, pour boiling water into pot, leave for two minutes(this is very important, not 2mins 30secs it always must be 2mins - trust me I'm a Pot Noodle expert!), stir, leave for two more minutes stir then add gravy sachet. Et voila, an appetising meal for all the family. Quick and simple. Plus, from a sales point of view fantastic!! They would have to buy a pot for each guest on Christmas Day. It's a winner!!! I will keep pushing this idea until enough people pledge their support, I will then pass on the comments to Pot Noodle and sit back while they heap praise upon me like the Noodle God I am.