Monday, April 24, 2006

BBC In Pro-Israeli Bias Shock

Interested to read that the bastion of truth known as BBCEye failed to pick up on this story (surely nothing to do with the fact it doesn't fit their argument??). The BBC have failed to even acknowledge that the restrictions on Mordechai Vanunu have been extended. Two years after his release, he is still held captive by the Israeli government. Surely not a snub in support of the Israeli government??? Of course not, but then BBCEye are surely not going to admit that the BBC ignores anti-Israeli stories?? How would that fit into their sad little world?? This is just another example that the BBC maintains a balance. I could spend all day finding stories that have a perceived right-wing bias (as those at BBCEye/Biased BBC seem to do about left-wing bias), but as I have said before, the truth is that the editorial can be seen to show both left and right-wing bias. That is what happens when you aim for the middle ground....both sides feel hard done by. It is a pointless and silly debate that has been raging for years between sections of the left (Kaufman being a good example) and the right. Somewhere in between the truth gets lost.