Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Anti-Gay Church Abuses Children

I was disturbed to read this article in The Guardian about a group of anti-gay protestors congregating at military funerals. Now, what disturbed me was not the fact that they were shouting anti-gay slogans (although that in itself is vile), or the fact it was at a funeral (again, vile). What disturbed me was the image in the newspaper of children wearing t-shirts with the slogan 'GODHATESFAGS.COM'. To me this amounts to a form of child abuse. Do the children really know what they are doing?? Of course not, good old grandpa has been indulging in old fashioned indoctrination. Their innocence is being abused to promote a disgusting message that has no place in civilised society, let alone any religious organisation. As far as I am concerned, the adults who indulge in such practices should be locked up. End of story.