Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Amnesty Report on Rendition Flights

Today, Amnesty International have published a report revealing the extent of 'rendition' flights by the US administration. It makes frightening reading, and only goes to underline what I discussed in an early post about the watering down of international legislation. The report outlines how the prisoners were prepared for these secret flights:

'stripped naked and made to wear absorbent plastic underpants and blue overalls, they were handcuffed, blindfolded, shackled, had their hands strapped to waist belts, their ears plugged with foam and their mouths covered with surgical face masks; finally, they were hooded and heavy sound-deadening headphones were placed over their ears.'

The report states that there are numerous 'black site' prisons where prisoners are 'disappeared' and sent to underground prisons. It also states that nearly 1,000 flights have been used by front companies for the CIA as well as another '600 CIA flights by planes commercially transacted from US aviation companies'.

This is clearly a shocking breach of human rights. There is no doubt that this is a breach of International Law and must be stopped immediately. It is clear that when politicians such as 'Dr' Reid call for a 'debate' (don't make me laugh) about International Law, the truth is that our leaders want to change the rules to make these things 'legal'. This is unacceptable. Everyone should be afraid of such changes to established International conventions as there is no telling where this could end.

You can read the full report here. If this concerns you, I urge you to join Amnesty International and help the fight for human rights.