Friday, March 03, 2006

I Wish I Could Be Right-Wing

What a wonderful thing it would be to be right-wing. To be so certain of your own beliefs that you will not question them yourself, or allow others to question them. I am always impressed by the way the right mis-use 'facts' to support their particular agenda. The way little details are overlooked because they don't fit into their little world view. The way they bang on about freedom of speech and then insult anyone who deviates (a particularly appropriate word, after all, they are deviants) from their own viewpoint. That's right, you muslims have no right to complain about those cartoons, but don't dare bring up the holocaust because hey that's freedom of speech.

I would love to be a knee jerk (hey, there's another one) reactionary but to be honest, I like to question and probe all my sources, not just the ones I agree with. But then, that would involve a certain amount of intellectual rigour, something clearly lacking in a few of the sites I have visited recently. There are an awful lot of very badly researched right-wing sites out there. Not only are they badly researched, but they usually involve copying vast swathes of print from The Spectator, or some other such publication, and then passed off as an opinion. Hey, let's all just copy and paste articles and then say "I agree with this....". That's not your opinion. You are just copying someone else's and trying to look clever and incisive. I make links to the sites I believe in but I voice my own opinions.

Maybe I am being harsh. After all, most of the right-wing sites I have visited are by kids. They haven't had the chance to develop their arguments properly. Or maybe it is because the right aren't particularly clever. Maybe they are just the person at a party who just shouts loud and abusive comments while a gaggle of impressionable people, who don't want to become a victim to their bullying tactics, just giggle and nod and doing anything to please their alpha-male.