Sunday, February 26, 2006

Nature of Humanity

The nature of humanity is simply this - to feed ones own desire. Nothing else concerns us humans. Not charity, not generosity, not sympathy. We are only concerned with the nature of our own being. How do we want people to view us? How do we make people value us as humans? This is all that matters. Not our freedoms as a race, not our rights as one species. We are all guilty of caring about nothing but our self- image. A self-image sponsored by Versace. When we look in a mirror, we do not consider ourselves...we consider our image. That is what matters. What products make us look better, make us comfortable with ourselves? What makes us accepted by society? Avoid controversy. Avoid individual expression. Avoid caring for others. Care only for yourself, that is what makes you accepted. Makes you normal. Just let it wash over you in a wave of apathy. Accept it, it is your fate. You can never change, it is your nature. Buy whatever makes you feel good, wear whatever makes you look good, say whatever makes you look good. Congratulations, you are normal.