Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh no, the Right-wing Press Again!

So Sven has been up to no good then?? Well he is a foreigner, what do you expect? Never trust those corrupt Europeans, they only want your money. So what revelations did the right-wing press have??? Owen only joined Newcastle for the money? (Well, duh!) Rio is 'lazy'? (And.....?) Wright-Phillips was over-priced? (No shit Sherlock!) And who are the replacements they have so kindly lined up? Steve McClaren (have you seen Middlesbrough play?), Allardyce (yeah, only if you want to send us to sleep) and a man who has 'proven' himself in that toughest of leagues, the Scottish Premier Division (O'Neill). Only a fool would fall for the rubbish these right-wing papers are spreading. Piss off and stop de-stabilising the England team with your xenophobic nonsense.